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Who I am

I am an Asian American, who has had the privilege and pleasure of traveling, living and working across continents, from North America and Europe to the Middle East, Asia and Africa. My home is the beautiful city of Chicago, and I live with my wonderful wife and daughter.

What I do

I think about things. I tinker with ideas. I solve problems. I help people. I grasp things, see below the surface, and look at the big picture. They say everything is linked. I draw on these links to get a good sense for people and the world around us.

I identify and create algorithms with which to solve problems more effectively, especially leadership and corporate challenges.  These algorithms are conceptual, mathematical and practical methods, and are at the heart of my consulting and coaching, plus assessment and analysis for top leaders.     

What I bring

I have a PhD in clinical psychology from Northwestern University - Feinberg School of Medicine. I parlayed this into management consulting, and I’ve had the privilege of consulting for several multinationals, e.g. in the US, UK and Sweden, Saudi Arabia and UAE. I've also presented at conferences in cities, such as London, Dubai, Singapore, and Cairo. In all, I bring over 35 years of experience and capability in advising, speaking, training - and delivering results for - thousands of clients.

How I serve your purpose

+ Earn your trust and respect, and grasp your purpose fully
+ Draw on my unique, proprietary and comprehensive algorithms
+ Tap my wide experiences, knowledge and networks

I help you think, strategize, and action your goals, challenges and opportunities, in the key areas of leadership, people and results.
Clients I've consulted for

Abbott Labs
John Deere
Capital One
Northern Trust
Kuwait Petroleum Corp.
Saudi Aramco
National Commercial Bank
Petroleum Development Oman
Emirates National Oil Co.